Saturday, September 15, 2007


This week we went to the Santa Cruz County Fair. Like we do every year.
We first went into the building with the tomatoes and apples and celery, all withered because they'd been lying on little paper plates for over a week. Every year we say, "we should have entered our tomato".
Next are the little gardens people build with potted plants and sod grass.
We talk to the Democrats in their little booth.
Every year we see the pigs and watch the 4H kids hammer away at the bellies of these beasts with pieces of PVC pipe to get them to go in a certain direction. We watch the roping of steers and the miniature railroad.
We look at the black and white photos and the sculptures. Every year we say, "we could have done that".
And every year we eat baked potatoes, vegie burgers, (me), chicken tacos, (Irene), corn on the cob, root beer floats and two helpings of fried artichoke hearts.
Every more, no less.


AMGallegos said...

Sounds like a great date to me!

CJGallegos said...

The best!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the best! Our tradition adds to good memories