Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wagontire, Oregon

On our way to Likely, CA in the morning we'll stop at Wagontire, OR. We've been there once before. There are two people in town, husband and wife.
At their cafe they serve coffee and 'pop'. I'll have the pop, Irene will have the coffee. These people are looking for buyers for their town.
They want to move on but they stay because they are, afterall, responsible for the whole town, which includes a Bagdad Cafe-style motel and an 'international' airport across 395 where a plane from France once made an emergency landing.
(btw: their 'RV Park' with full hook-ups means a spot in the parking lot and a long extension cord running through the rusted screen near their front door.)


AMGallegos said...

This sounds like a great place. Why don't you make an offer? They might just take you up on it!

smartz said...

OMG! Why don't we form a collective and buy it and, I don't know, put in a longer extension cord or something. PS I am so f*ing jealous of this trip you are making. Maybe in my next life!

CJGallegos said...

Smartz, we're headed to our property in Arizona. Wait until it gets cooler, then you must come and stay awhile, working the land and having a glass of red at the town's only bar.

Katie Bowen said...

I wanna come too!!!!! Let's have a Blogger Fest of some sort! Sending love to you all! Katie

AMGallegos said...

Q. Hey, are you guys still out there?

A. [sound of wind blowing, a lone coyote howls]

Miller girl said...

While going through my fathers things today I found a booklet of a poem. He had written inside it..

Ted Gilbert, 1896 Wagon Tire Oregon, to Bill Miller. Oct 23, 1944. Newport Indiana

My father was Bill Miller. I googled Wagon Tire and must say I was surprised what I found. Sure wish I new the story about this since he held onto it for so many years.