Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hollywood Bowl

When I was a kid my father and I spent a lot of summer and fall evenings at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. We saw the Bolshoi Ballet and we saw operas but my very favorite times were nights spent just listening to the Philharmonic Orchestra and sitting next to my dad. I listened to the cellos and the strains of violins and the thrill of trumpets tearing open the vast sky. I felt the twitch of my father's tweed and the LA breezes and watched the sunsets bleed over the hills and I couldn't imagine life getting any better.


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful piece. i loved each sentence-how it flowed and the words used to describe a precious moment. get thy self published again soon!! you are so gifted!

Anonymous said...

Is that self-published or self, published? Haha. Thanks by the way, Wendy!