Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reassuring news

The news is my life link to the rest of the world. I believe everything I'm told, so when I heard last night that record snowfall in Canada is turning neighbors into enemies I quickly contacted my Maple Leaf son, Aaron at to ask if this could be.
He writes back that, "No, everything is just as pleasant as usual in the neighborhoods of Toronto".
What a relief. It's nice to know we're attached to a peaceful nation. I can rest a little easier knowing that the peoples just to our north are looking benignly down on us.
How would you like us as neighbors?

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Anonymous said...

oh no we torontonians can be very unpleasant!! remeber the black out of 2003..people were dreadful in this city and i was disgusted by attitudes of people..and we are even more unpleasant when our dogs or small children wake us up at 4:45 am! i hear your pain!