Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Me: The windshield wiper light keeps going on in the dashboard of the truck.
Irene: Pop the hood. Check it out.
Me: Where's the latch?
Irene: It's under there somewhere.
Me: Remember the days we used to change our own oil?
Irene: I used to repair my own flat tires.
Me: I used to pull over in my VW Bug, lie down on the desert road and replace the clutch cable. I always got to work with grease on my hands.
Irene: I used to push my car all the way to work when the differential went out.
Me: What is a differential anyway?
Irene: I don't know. But I think it's somewhere near the calipers.


Katie Bowen said...


AMGallegos said...

You folks were in the wrong business!

CJGallegos said...

I once hitched a ride with a house painter when my bug ran out of gas on my way to George Air Force Base. When we got to Four Corners I reached to open the door and realized he'd taken the handle off. He began driving madly through the only populated intersection in the Mojave when I started screaming hysterically and he slammed on the brakes and barked, "Get out!" After I bought a can of gas and an Air Force good samaritan offered to drive me back to my car I freaked and ended up walking 3 miles back lugging the gas along Hwy 18 while big rigs kicked up dust and gravel. I was late to work.