Thursday, September 4, 2008

Neighbor in the neighborhood

Yesterday we all got a recorded message from the Sheriff's Department warning of several sightings of a mountain lion in our immediate neighborhood. Early this morning for my walk with Annie Bones I armed myself with a shrill alarm, pepper spray and considered taking the hunting knife with me.
"What are you going to do, gut the animal?" Irene asked
"No, but you just have to be prepared for anything."
"Just rise up, look big. Or is that for a grizzly?" Irene wondered helpfully.
Seriously, we all just hope the lion makes its way back to the hills before the sheriff's department finds it.


AMGallegos said...

I hope the critter makes it back before you and Annie Bones runs into it! Yikes!

By the way, the news report I read said that the cougar was lurking at the Capitola Mall food court. Cougars at the food court?

CJGallegos said...

Their food is irresistable.

AMGallegos said...

Eat at the food court often, do ya?

CJGallegos said...


CJGallegos said...

Actually I take the subway.

sarah said...

I always get this mixed up but I'm pretty sure that you're supposed to growl and make yourself big if you meet a mountain lion and curl up in the fetal position if you come across a grzzly. I've had more practice with the fetal position so I'd probably fare better with the grizzly.


Anonymous said...

what is the latest? this is scary indeed.