Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thelma and Louise

We met this trucker in Leming, Nevada at a rest stop. She'd stopped to let her little dog, Moxi out to pee.
You traveling alone in this rig? I asked her.
Where are you headed?
Kingman, she said.
Us too! You're driving there today? (I didn't want to tell her we were going to stop twice for the night before actually getting to Kingman.)
Wow! I said, obviously impressed. Last night, I went on, We watched an old DVD of Thelma and Louise for the fourth time. Have you ever seen it?
She gave me a thumbs-up. My all time favorite, she said.
Ours too! I exclaimed.
Have a good one, she said, picking up Moxie and climbing into her rig.
You too, I said.
And I thought as she hit the road: Everyone better watch out. We've all seen Thelma and Lousie and we all loved it.


AMGallegos said...

Hopefully ya'll will pursue an alternative ending to the film!

CJGallegos said...

Yeah, we want to allow for a sequel.

Simple Recipes said...

Love, love, love that movie....remember our pac?????