Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Winning isn't everything

Acclaimed: v ac claimed- To praise enthusiastically and often publicly; applaud; To acknowledge with enthusiastic approval
Award-winning: adj - having received awards
My Canandian son has praised my writing as has a friend in Laos.
In High School I won a trophy for Best Feature Writer for our school newspaper.
Do these things make me an 'internationally acclaimed, award winning writer'? ...this on the day after receiving yet another rejection notice from a well known North Carolina magazine...
I love the realities we can create out of nothing but words...


AMGallegos said...

A trophy?

Obviously there's a magazine in North Carolina that can't get over itself. Who needs magazines nowadays anyway when we all have blogs?

Your writing is the greatest!

Katie Bowen said...

North Carolina, where's that?

AMGallegos said...

Ah, New Yorkers