Thursday, July 3, 2008

Culinary Q & A

It's my turn to take snacks to my writing group. Irene is helping me. We decide on deviled eggs. We're not very culinary around here. The egg peeling becomes a disaster and we have to scrap the plan for sliced cheese.
We can't let it go though. This morning we're researching egg peeling tips. The advice is: "Use eggs 5 to 10 days old. Older eggs suffer a PH change in the shell making them harder to peel."
Irene thinks this means use older eggs. I interpret it as eggs no more than 10 days old. It's a stalemate. We should be a cartoon strip in the funny papers.


Anonymous said...

What I say is fresh eggs are harder to peel and older eggs are easier to peel because of the PH change. The queston being, how old is old enough but not too old?
Or conversly what is too fresh?
Anyway I'm sure the eggs I couldn't peel were very fresh and made delicious egg salad sandwiches. Hope your group enjoyed the cheese.

Lovingly yours, the unsuccessful egg peeler.

AMGallegos said...

I'm not sure how you know exactly how old your eggs are unless you see them drop from the hens themselves. But I don't know if saving all your oldest eggs to feed to your writing group is such a good idea either.