Friday, July 4, 2008

Scurvy Jack

This morning a cat wandered into our house. He immediately made himself at home much to the consternation of Annie Bones. His name was Scurvy Jack according to his tag. I called his phone number, left a message and waited to hear back. An hour later a very irritated man called back.
"You live where?" he demanded.
"That's clear across town," he sputtered when I gave him my address.
"And don't feed him!" he added. "Ill try to come get him."
He did come to pick up Scurvy Jack a couple of hours later and he did say thanks, but jeese....


CJGallegos said...

I better make sure I still have Annie Bones.

Laura Davis said...

When Tyson wanders away (not clear across town, but a good eight, ten, fifteen blocks away), we're so relieved he hasn't been killed by a car), I kiss and hug the people who find him. This guy was a nut case, far as I can tell.