Thursday, August 28, 2008

Change in the air

I sense fall in the air. I sense adventures on the horizon.


AMGallegos said...

Holy Cow! It's 100 degrees in Santa Cruz and you feel fall in the air? If you want fall, please come up here to Toronto, where the odd tree is starting to turn, it's 60 degrees, but feels colder because it's raining!

CJGallegos said...

I've spent today hiking up that hill. I see the top!

100 degrees? Where do you Easterners get this info? It's about 63, very balmy, altho I understand Oakland is cookin'.

Simple Recipes said...

we are in bryce canyon and they are saying snow at 8000 ft for sunday??? think we are way too close!!
hope to see you in arizona and that irene is doing good???

Katie Bowen said...

All sorts of new and crazy things are about to happen! Hurray for fall!