Friday, August 22, 2008

General Hospital

We've spent the better part of this week at our local hospital. Seven hours in ER, then 30 hours with Irene hooked up to drips and pumps and gadgets that beeped a lot. She waited more than 2 days for "emergency" gall bladder surgery. Finally last night at about 10 PM they removed her "bad" gall bladder and we hope she'll be released today.

And we managed the whole event with only a couple of near fisticuffs with the "charge nurse". We asked the 1st nurse (after 24 hours) if she had any time when surgery would be. She called for reinforcements and hence the "charge nurse", or Nurse Rachett as we fondly call her. When we asked her the same question about time she went ballistic.

"If this is inconvenient to you, if eating is more important than your health, (?) if you haven't learned by now that waiting is part of the plan. There are sicker people than you, you know." By then everyone was upset. Nurse R. said, "well, if you're going to be mad at me, I'm out of here. And your surgery will be sooner or later!" With that she was gone.

Everyone has said I must file a complaint. I must! So I started thinking how I'll write this long articulate letter with all the details, send it off. Then I started thinking, What if one of us ends up having surgery again sometime? What if we end up on 2 West during the 2:30 PM shift? What then?


Katie Bowen said...

I'm so sorry you had to experience not only emergency surgery, but the rage of such a miserable nurse. I think you should file a grievance and not worry about the future. Who knows, she could be one complaint away from being fired, and perhaps she needs to be.

Get well soon lovely Irene!


CJGallegos said...

Katie and Tai: Irene thanks you for your well wishes. She's seated right now in her recliner mourning her gall-bladderless future but also looking ahead to the tapioca pudding she's planning on eating as soon as I go to bed!

Simple Recipes said...

that is so wrong...hope you file a complaint!! my gall bladder surgery was planned so no surprises...what a hassle...hope irene is doing well...big hugs to you both..stan & janet