Sunday, December 30, 2007

Big Box

A year ago Irene and I joined a local "big box" store. We swore we'd never take part in this type of glutony where you wheel your "stuff" out on huge flatbed carts and end up with enough mayo to feed the US Army. But we caved. I think we bought something "big" although at this point I can't remember what.

We were talked into the "executive membership" because it would "in the end save us money". But in the last year we haven't really gone to this place because that's not the way we shop. We went today though, thinking we should take advantage of our "executive privilege" and all. We asked the front desk about our so called savings and the guy suggested we "downgrade". I've never in my life been told by anyone to downgrade anything.

Today we bought a heavy box of logs and we decided to take advantage of our gray hair since executive privilege wasn't working for us and we asked for help out. To get this help we had to sign a waiver, right there at the door in case anything happened to the helper or the merchandise or our truck while we were being helped. What IS this world coming to anyway?

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