Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blog Stamina

I seem to be lacking in Blog Stamina. I've noticed it lately getting up early, looking at my dark compter screen and caving to my malaise. Maybe it's a generational thing. Maybe daily witty, profound, energetic blogging is best left to the "youngsters". Maybe I should be shopping for plaid pants and blue hair dye, concentrating on finding old relatives on Ancestors.com. Whatever it is old people do...I'm not sure. Maybe there is a guide book somewhere.


Katie Bowen said...

I'm a youngster and this happens to me all the time! I call it "Blog Block," and I assure you, Coop, I have never dealt with it by dying my hair or buying plaid!

It will pass.



CJGallegos said...

Katie, thanks, I needed that!

Tai, you're right. I've scoured the local stores. The plaid is all being worn at the skate park and the hair dye, well it's downtown at the Saturn Cafe.

Simple Recipes said...

Coop...the blue hair and plaid is all taken up here in tucson!!! was at the hair saloon the other day and oh my god all the blue hair..had to leave felt very out of place!!! try tye dye!!!