Saturday, January 19, 2008


This week a lot of people in Texas have seen a UFO. It's been on TV, on the internet, in the papers. When we lived in the desert UFOs were common. We'd spot their lights and head our dented hardy cars across the desert sometimes on roads, sometimes not, racing to watch them land. It was Saturday night sport. We were believers. We never thought to call a newspaper. It was a UFO. This was the desert. And that's just the way it was.


AMGallegos said...

I thought I saw a UFO in Phelan. I raced down the dirt roads, but when I arrived at the scene, it only turned out to be a hydroponic tomato farm. Needless to say, it never got too high off the ground.

CJGallegos said...

Unlike the worm farm which seemed to fly the coop!

Anonymous said...

It's all about the UFO's and ghosts. I still live in the desert and have'nt shaken the "belief" Sol