Thursday, January 31, 2008

East meets West

This morning we had coffee and conversation with our dear friend, Katie from New York. She used to live in Santa Cruz and was a good friend of my son, Aaron. We haven't seen Katie in 20 years and it was amazing to sit in Mr. Toot's in the village and "catch up".

She lives, what to us, is an exotic life full of adventure and daring. But what is most amazing to me, is how a person carries their essence, as indelible as the color of eyes, with them through life. No matter what changes occur, what roads they take, this core is as traceable as a vial of DNA. (Good to see you, Katie. We'd know you anywhere.) Check out Katie's blog At the Half Note.


AMGallegos said...

Wow! It's amazing to see you three lovely ladies together in one place! It's like a time warp or something! Hope you had fun!

Katie Bowen said...

Dear Cooper,

Although it brief, I have to say that visiting with you and Irene was one of the most fun and memorable times I had during that trip.

Is THAT one of the pictures I approved? I look terrible! Truth is, the words you write in your post make me not care at all.

You are extraordinary, engaged and playful people, and I couldn't have felt more accepted or inspired than I did sharing breakfast with you.

I will write soon... I have much to tell the girls.



CJGallegos said...

Well, Katie, we loved seeing you too. And you have to come back. I forgot to show you my writing room! I thought you'd approved this picture. Or was it a different one? I'm not so sure, you know?