Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hedwig Alber

Our former neighbor, Hedwig Alber died this week. She was 101 years old. She lived on 2.5 acres of land across the street from us, tending horses and gardening. She'd come over and sit in our driveway and drink beer. When she was leaving she always said, "Can I take one with me?" And she'd toddle toward home with a spare beer bottle in her hand. She told us stories about the "old country" which is to say Brooklyn, New York where she grew up after coming to this country from Germany. She suffered a lot of tragedy in her life including her husband hanging himself in their barn across the street. She never lost her spirit though. We got into many lively arguments about politics. She was outspoken and opinionated and seemed to "win" every time. Good show, Hedwig. May you rest in peace.

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