Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Terrific Girls"

We just finished watching a video of Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert in the 1978 Wimbledon tennis final. It was the very first grand slam Martina ever won. And of course no one could have predicted she'd go on to win a record 9 Wimbledon's in her career. It was very sweet watching these two young women. The announcer kept referring to Martina as "the Czech girl" probably because no one at that point could pronounce her last name. As for "Miss Evert" we were pleased to know she "had nice little blue inserts" in the shoulders of her tennis dress. Both "girls did a terrific job" in what was to become one of, if not the greatest sports rivalries of all times. It's good to know though that now sports announcers focus more on the sport than the fashion.


AMGallegos said...

This event changed tennis as we know it. Women's tennis is much more exciting than men's in my opinion.

And I was going to make a joke about the short skirts, but I am sure that would be misunderstood, so I better not mention it.)

CJGallegos said...

Yeah, that would be best I think. I couldn't believe the emphasis on fashion in 1978!