Monday, October 13, 2008

Witness Protection

This is Stan and Janet. They are in the Witness Protection Program. So I can't tell you we had dinner with them in Casa Grande, Arizona this week.

(We met Stan and Janet more than a year ago in Morro Bay while we were camping in our RV. We met up with them again this week on our trip to Arizona. That's the best part of traveling around in an RV, the people you meet.)

It was great to see you guys again! Even if you're still on the lam maybe we'll see you again next year!


Simple Recipes said...

It was great that you kept our identies secret...being on the "lam" and was so good seeing you both and annie bones...wish it could have been a longer visit..since you ran off so early the next morning who is really on the run????? contriband and all???? stay away from the border patrol and german shepards!!!! munchies anyone???

CJGallegos said...

Janet, I would have replied sooner but I was busy polishing off a bag of Oreos.

Simple Recipes said...

so that is what you needed the milk for???