Thursday, January 15, 2009


We're driving south on 101. A car in front of us is going 45 and weaving.
Me: Watch out for that jerk. I think he's drunk.
Irene: I'll pass him.
Me: Give him a wide berth.
Irene: Where's the coppers when you need them.
Me: Watch out. What an ass....
Irene: No, look, he's just playing a trumpet.
Me: Oh, well...that's much more interesting than a drunk.


smartz said...

Have you thought about screen writing? Seriously, your dialogue is so fun.

CJGallegos said...

Yes, I've thought seriously. Do you want to represent me?

AMGallegos said...

When I commuted in Northern Virginia, every morning I passed the same car on the Beltway with a guy lifting weights inside while driving. Health nuts!

CJGallegos said...

We learned to play harmonica on Hwy 1 early in the morning with those head harnesses on, ala Bob Dylan.

Katie Bowen said...

If anyone deserves forgiveness, it's a trumpet player.