Thursday, January 1, 2009

All in a morning

Staying on a friend's land northeast of Bisbee. Annie hunts and devours rabbit turds to start her morning.
Sand-hill cranes form a perfect 'v' on their way to breakfast in the corn fields.

The sun rises over the Chiricahua Mountains and is shining off the Cochise Stronghold.


Simple Recipes said...

what a beautiful spot..your friends must be fantastic people:)
we had such a good time with you guys...hated for you to leave..good times, good friends, good fun?

Anonymous said...

Yes they are fantastic people. Great fun!
Headed out to Ehrenberg within the hour. Down with the awning up with the welcome mat. C, I and AB

Tai said...

Sandhill cranes and the's magical.

Coney Island Beach Girl said...

Happy New Year!

smartz said...

So good to see you on the blog again. I've been jonesing for some news of your trip, living vicariously. You've seen some beautiful places.