Friday, December 26, 2008

Morning sky, Bisbee, AZ

On Christmas day we hiked a long distance looking for an open store that sold milk. The wind was howling. I had to carry Annie B. so she wouldn't blow away.
At the 7-11 a young woman in black with razor blades dangling from her ears bought a hot-dog with mustard and ketchup. In the parking lot a desperado unloaded suitcases from the trunk of his rusted-out car and tossed a spare tire into the brush, then reloaded the suitcases. I think he had body parts in the suitcases.
A bearded man was hitchhiking with a 7 week old puppy that crouched in a satchel. I gave the man $10. "I can't give you a ride"I said "but I can give you some money."
The puppy made me do it. All in all, an interesting Christmas.


smartz said...

Wow! You had me mesmerized at the "hiked a long distance." That's a film short if I've ever heard one.

Simple Recipes said...

A Christmas you won't forget!!
Did you get snow today??? we got a few flakes but man the temps have really is freezing...can we see russia yet???
Can't wait to see you guys..can't guarantee it will be as interesting as bisbee???