Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Who knew?

Years ago my son was a chef at a very famous restaurant in our town. A Santa Cruz icon, a destination for all the movie stars filming in the area.
Aaron used to drive his old Toyota station wagon to Moss Landing to pick up the squid which was their signature dish. Then he'd stop by our house on Depot Hill and pick the mint that grew abundantly next to our leaky backyard water faucet.
Nothing more glamorous than that: an old car, an old faucet and a young eager cook.


smartz said...

Makes me wish I'd known you then and could have wangled a dinner invitation!

AMGallegos said...

You are definitely all invited to the next esoteric dinner I cook!

But I want to know...what about the squid? Weren't they glamorous as well? There's nothing more glamorous than fresh squid.

CJGallegos said...

Aaron was sworn to secrecy. He'd come over, cook us a 14 course meal and we'd beg for the recipe. Even now after all these years and a restaurant out of business, he holds firm. (ah, nasi goreng!) Yes, Smartz, you will defintely come.
Squid, now that's my idea of, well, how do I say...glamour. (but what do I know. I wear sweats.)

AMGallegos said...

Some of the most glamourous women in the world where sweats - Liz Taylor, et. al. You're in good company.