Thursday, December 11, 2008

Road trip

Today I saw an old man 1/2 block from an assisted living facility. He was using a walker and was in heavy traffic in the road surrounded by trucks, cars and buses. I drove on, went shopping and on my way home I saw the man again.
He'd gotten about a block from where I'd first seen him. He looked determined. He definitely looked as if he had a destination in mind. Was he escaping? Going shopping, heading home for the holidays? Should I have intercepted him, wrestled away his walker, spirited him into my car and forced him back to the "home"?
He looked pretty happy to me. He looked pretty free too.


smartz said...

Your description of the old man reminded me of a character from Aloft by Chang-Rae Lee. It's a good read: dysfunctional families, sadness, redemption.

CJGallegos said...

My kind of read...;-) (I don't know this book, I'll check it out.)