Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Five years ago we camped with our family in Half Moon Bay. When Irene and I left I forgot a pair of my socks in my desert family's fifth wheel. A couple of months later my 9 year old grandson surprised me by hiding the socks in my suitcase while we visited them in the desert. I found them after I got home and a tradition was born.
Ty and I have spirited these socks back and forth ever since. Yesterday while I was cleaning our 'rig' for an upcoming trip I opened the microwave and there they were, the Socks!
It's my turn now. There is no doubt I'll be hiding these socks in Tyler's college dorm room and maybe he can get them past security at the local assisted living facility.

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Simple Recipes said...

we had somewhat the same thing going with a macrame' owl..ugly old thing but we would pass it at white elephant party's or in someone's yard..oh the fun we had with that ole' owl...have fun with the socks!!!!