Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Life in the Woods

In 1985 Irene and I quit our jobs for Santa Cruz County and bought a house in the Sierras, (in that order, go figure). We were new to the culture of course and we ordered wood from a guy who did not want his license plate photographed and his helper, (not seen) did not want his picture taken. We figured they were on the "lam" from something and in a sense so were we, so we understood.
When we moved into this house in the woods about 10 miles north of Sonora the neighbors on our left put their house up for sale and refused to allow their 12 year old son to come outside if we were home. We spent a lot of time inside learning new skills. Then our neighbors across the road sent a "death threat" letter to the realtor who sold us the house...we were beginning to feel a little uncomfortable and all the horn blowing in the world couldn't shake the feeling we might have made a mistake...
Our friend Gini owned a pottery shop downtown Sonora. Since we were unemployed and sick of the saxophone she gave us a job remodeling her store, doubling its size. It took us about 3 months and by then we were about ready to hit the road again. Our 'little adventure' lasted a total of six months before we packed up and moved on. (ah, dem were da days!)

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