Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chaos in the kitchen

Our friend Pete was a Basque sheepherder. One day he drove his rusty old truck onto our property and produced a new born lamb.
"The mother had two. One too many. Would you like this one?"
That was back in the days I didn't think much about consequences.
"Sure," I said. I took the baby and plunked it down in our kitchen, blocking the exit into the living room with all of our kitchen chairs. We bottle fed the lamb and it thrived. It learned how to knock the chairs aside and roam the house. It's bleating kept us awake. And even though we had to eat standing up and the growing lamb shredded everything in its wake, we would have taken a horse if Pete had dragged it in.


CJGallegos said...

Yes...there eventually was a horse and the two of them spent their senior years frolicking in the dining room of that house in the in the High Desert.

Simple Recipes said...

went to a basque resturant in carson city..different ...didn't have any lamb thank goodness..sounds like quite a pet...always wanted one of those little goats to run around??? you always have quite the stories..absolutely love them!!!!