Monday, February 23, 2009

Mean streets

I'm glad Sean Penn won Best Actor. I was rooting for him.
But I can't help worrying about Mickey Rourke who seemed to bring the mean streets of the city inside with him last night with his scruffy clothes and trembling hands, struggling with decline and dignity just like the movie.
I saw The Wrestler, found it offensive and powerful and I kept my eyes closed through half of it.
It made me nostalgic though for those mean streets.
It is curious how we can harbor such tender thoughts about a time in our life when things were so bad.


Simple Recipes said...

Feel so bad about his dog Loki...we all have struggles in our lives..tender thoughts always...haven't seen the it worth going to???

CJGallegos said...

Tai and Janet: Did you know he wears a necklace with Loki on it?
LOKI: Norse mythology: Trickster, god of discord and mischief. Just like her owner.