Thursday, November 1, 2007

Jolly, my eye

This morning at the post office I was in line behind a man in a motorized wheelchair. It was one of those complicated chairs with batteries and levers and straps. The man was almost completely hidden in blankets. When his turn came he wheeled up to the clerk and asked for his mail. I could see only the very top of his head and one hand as he handed the clerk a change of address form.
Clerk: I'm sorry but you didn't complete this on time. Your mail is going back to sender.
Man: But I need my mail.
Clerk: Your mail is not available to you. We're sending it back. You didn't complete the change of address on time.
Man: Okay. Thank you. And he wheeled out without his mail.
When my turn came the clerk smiled brightly and said "Good Morning". I didn't smile and I didn't speak. But I did give her the evil eye.

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Anonymous said...

Did she give You his mail?