Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stress Center

In today's Santa Cruz Sentinel they've printed my letter to the editor:
Dear Editor,
In your Nov. 17 edition, in the upper lefthand corner of Page A2 is a little blurb titled, "The end of the flea". It states flea marketers are "a little sad."
"A little sad?" Who writes this stuff anyway? To say that flea marketers are a little sad is the antithesis of hyperbole. We've collected 20,000 signatures in support of Sutter giving us one year in their "empty parking lot" so we can find a different site for the flea market. I just hope with yet another alternative Santa Cruz icon biting the dust that Sutter hospital plans to include a "stress center" in its new conglomerate. Cooper Gallegos, Santa Cruz


AMGallegos said...

What a great letter! I'm surprised the people of Santa Cruz aren't taking to the barricades over this. Isn't there some win-win solution????

CJGallegos said...

I saw Fran Lebowitz on TV the other day presenting the National Book Award to Joan Didion. Lebowitz said: "There is no "win-win". I've heard of "win-lose" and I've heard of a "lose-lose" but I've never really heard of a "win-win" "