Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Clutch Cable according to Wordle

Wordle: clutch cable

So I’m sitting by the side of the road and big rigs roar by like they own the road and about a mile away is a diner and I know it’s there because I can smell the gravy and I can hear the waitress Bunny clicking her gum and I can almost see the sun glinting through their front window and shining off that gold molar of hers. My car has popped a clutch cable again and I know the only way out for me is to crawl underneath and stretch the new cable from front to back and attach the thing. But the trouble is, I’ve got a job interview today at George Air Force Base and I’m wearing a dress. Some colonel is waiting for me right now and he has a crease in his trousers and his hair glistens with Bryl Crème and he’s tapping his pencil on his bare desktop. He’s not going to wait forever, not for a civilian. (click on image for clarity.)


Simple Recipes said...

so seriously you are looking for a job??? a dress i want a picture..or is this one of your gotcha stories????

smartz said...

You are soooo awesome. I'm there, by the road, thinking about this pencil tapping bastard.

CJGallegos said...

Hey, Janet, gotcha!

Smartz, I can hardly wait for you to edit my book. I just finished the very last story and am doing my own edits right now!

smartz said...

woo! hoo! And I've got the time and energy to do it. Can't wait.