Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Visitors

Some may remember our Witness Protection friends, Stan and Janet. Well, we just met up with them again in the Arizona desert. They're getting pretty cocky. This time they didn't even cover their faces. Just wait til the federales get a load of this! Great to see you guys....and what fantastic cookies!!! (that's what we had for dinner last night.)


Anonymous said...

And that fantastic dip! Please tell us again the name, where to buy the base for it.

Simple Recipes said...

Yikes....our faces are out?????
the fantastic dip i found at the famous flea market in time we go..before we leave the stinkin desert..i will pick up a bunch and if we don't see you first will send some to you..great stuff huh??? good to hear you had a healthy dinner..oatmeal/choc.chip???
oh, Irene aka anonymous..just found the website for the't remember the name think it was called something passion??? it is their most popular dip...the seafood dip is really good too??? miss you guys