Monday, March 2, 2009

May (sar) ten RIP

We planted this Mayten tree more than 10 years ago and nicknamed her May(sar)ton after a favorite writer. We love this tree. It looks very much like a willow, is abundantly healthy and until recently a pure joy.
Now May's root system has run amok. The roots are strangling everything in the yard, pressing the water pipes, threatening the city sidewalk and our deck.
And today we're waiting for "Rocky" who is coming to cut her down. Today we're grieving a friend and we will not be consoled.


Simple Recipes said...

So very sad for May to have to be cut down..our thoughts are with you during this time of grief..janet

Anonymous said...

i love that you will not be consoled. Sorry about this sad moment...makes us sad too!

CJGallegos said...

THanks you guys. We feel sort of like "Little House on the Prairie" right now, surrounded by open spaces and mud.

smartz said...

Lo siento!