Monday, March 16, 2009

The heat has begun to turn hot

Leapin' lizards
Irene and Annie Bones take a dip in the Colorado

It's like carrying a 2 ton boulder around on your back. Nice in camp though.

There are wildflowers everywhere! (seriously, there were more than these 3 little daisies.)


AMGallegos said...

Wow, so cool. No, I mean hot!

CJGallegos said...

Tai and Aaron...snakes, snakes, snakes, as they say the snakes are out. One dog bitten here in Buena Tierra recently so AB is on a short leash. Drinking a forbidden beer, met our neighbor, Harry who is now spying on us, peering through his blinds, HOT here but the jet contrails are pink with the setting sun and the Union Pacific train whistle is breathing down our necks....Good here.

Simple Recipes said...

We are coming to spy on you tomorrow...can't wait to see the big rig and spend some time with you guys...the heat is on.....should be a bit cooler at deb and phil's???? 2 degrees maybe??? good time to hit the desert..snakes and all...hahhahahhaa

smartz said...

It's all so gorgeous. I close my eyes and can smell that dry air and the sage. (Or whatever those things are.) Have fun and stay safe.