Thursday, April 23, 2009

Different realities

For the last 8 hours I've been sitting in a chair, working non-stop on a book re-write while Irene has been cleaning out the garage. On a stretch break I bring the mail in and leaf through a community activity catalogue. My knees have locked up and my back is stiff. Irene comes in for some water, sweating, her hair hanging down around her red face.
Me: Hey look. Do you think we should take a fitness class?
Irene: What are you, insane?


smartz said...

did I mention before that I expect you to mine these tidbits of dialog, creating a fabulous stage play that will premiere in Santa Cruz and then move rapidly to San Francisco.

CJGallegos said...

What, and bypass Hollister? ;-)

Simple Recipes said...

You guys just crack me up!!! Thank you so much for so many laughs..Irene you go girl!!! Coop the stress must be insane!!! can't wait to read the book!!! a famous author...!!!!!! we are freezing here in the northwest!!!!

Katie Bowen said...

LOL!!! Irene is the funniest!