Thursday, April 30, 2009

Garden talk

We get started on our major gardening project early. The sun has just seeped through the cypress blind across the street, the birds are chattering in our neighbor's apple tree, a yellow butterfly lingers on a pink bloom. I'm standing on a ladder, pulling weeds from a planter tower in our wall.
Me: If I fell from this ladder, suffered a hematoma on the saltillo tile and died, would you move?
Irene: Move? No way!
Me: Why, because you'd be too bereft?
Irene: No, because this place would be just perfect for one person.


Katie Bowen said...


No climbing on ladders, Coop!!!!

Simple Recipes said...

stay off the ladder coop...irene, irene, irene...what would you do without coop????, get back to that book!!!

AMGallegos said...

That lady tells it like it is!