Saturday, November 15, 2008

Giant among us

He may have gotten taller but...
He hasn't lost his zest for life!
Happy Birthday, Dear Aaron! Your passion, commitment and creativity inspire me every day of my life.
Congratulations on growing so tall.
All our love, Mom and Irene


AMGallegos said...

Okay, are you even sure that the baby is me? And look at those diapers you had to put up with. OMG. ... but thanks!! (And I'm only a couple of inches taller than you. It must of been the fideo.)

CJGallegos said...

I'd forgotten all about the fideo! Did you know I made it with pork lard?! And yeah, I never was too good with those cloth diapers..Have a great day! ;-)

Katie Bowen said...

Happy birthday Aaron! What a cute little baby you were and what a wonderful man you've become!

Have fun today, k?


Anonymous said...

what an adorable baby! such a sweet look on his face to.

thank you cooper for all your you did and all you gave to produce this wonderful person!


wendy said...

i meant TOO!