Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good times

According to the experts SPAM is making a comeback. I'm excited. We used to eat SPAM a lot. We ate it in our little adobe house in the Mexican village where we lived. We ate it in LA for dinner, fried in lard. We had it for snacks. We had it in a pinch.

Austin, Minn. is known as SPAM City. They've added shifts at the Hormel Plant and the workers churn out these gelatinous cans of ham, pork and salt 24/7. Apparently the slaughterhouse next to the plant butchers 19,000 hogs every day just to keep up with our appetites in these hard times.

The 'good old days' are upon us. (have you noticed how pigs we kill are known as hogs? I don't get it.)


Anonymous said...

My step-mom would grind Spam up in her Mouli and mix it with mayonaise and chopped pickles to make a delicious sandwich spread. Hmmm. Makes we want to run to the store for a can of Spam. smartz

Simple Recipes said...

fried spam and eggs...oh those memories....