Thursday, November 27, 2008

Short end of the stick

A few years ago circumstance led us to eat Thanksgivng dinner at a local restaurant. We were waited on by staff who had obviously drawn the short end of the stick. Our particular waitperson had blue hair, trembling hands and thick surgical stockings.

"I'll have everything but the turkey and gravy," I said.

She: We can't do that.

Me: What?

She: Just serve potatoes and vegetables. Each of them would be a-la-carte.

Me: For more money?

She: Yes. Well..a-la-carte.

I'd come prepared. I pulled a plastic bag of sliced tofu turkey from the pocket of my blazer.

Me: Here. Plop this on my plate. Just pretend you cooked it.

She: You want a roll with that?

Me: Is that extra?


Simple Recipes said...

oh,no...we are going out to dinner today at the golfcourse in sunsites..kinda scared???

CJGallegos said...

You should be very very scared...(just kidding. I think our waitperson must be retired, altho maybe she did go to Arizona!)

smartz said...

Hmmm. Is that tofu lying on the green leaves?

Simple Recipes said...

it was scary!!! thought the place would be packed..5 others besides us...waitress hair was wet like she just got out of the time for customers..turkey was processed, dressing??? everything covered with gravy..that always makes me wonder!!! next year hopefully we will be with family!!

CJGallegos said...

Yes, Smartz that is tofu. The sad part is I went off to Irene's daughter's house today and forgot to take my tofu with me! ;-(

Janet, was the lady with blue hair there? That IS scary. I guess the locals knew better!Next year you will definitely plan a side trip to Washington!? ;-)