Monday, November 10, 2008

Passing the buck

This morning Irene wakes up, eyes half open, before a swallow of coffee. I've been up for hours.

Me: Can you help me put a video from You Tube onto my blog?
Irene: Put a what, where?
Me: A video from You Tube onto my blog.
Irene: Maybe Aaron (my son) can help you.
Me: He's at work, 3000 miles away.
Irene: Well, then I'm sure he's more awake than I am.


AMGallegos said...

I'm sort of awake I guess! But email me with the name of the video you want and I can do it. Anything for my Mom!

CJGallegos said...

Well, it was a video of Miriam Makeba. I think the moment has passed. Maybe later! Thanks.