Thursday, November 20, 2008

The pharmacist's fault

Today we were faced with a choice: Paint the deck or go to a bad movie. We chose the movie. I hated it so I tried to work on notes for a short story using my watch light to see by.
After the movie was finally over we decided to go to Safeway so I could get a flu shot.
The pharmacist was at lunch so we went next door to an electronic big box store. We were surrounded by electricity. TVs, video cameras, stereos. All going at once. I mean it was in our pores.
That kind of energy upsets my internal ions. I came away crazed. Wanting to go live in a one room cabin with no electricity at all. Just kerosene lamps.
Tell me, am I insane or am I normal?


Simple Recipes said...

you are very normal...maybe???
are any of us normal??? look at us living in a 25' trailer in the middle of the desert??? is that normal???

CJGallegos said...

Well, the votes are in. I'm normal by a landslide! Thanks, everyone...

AMGallegos said...

Ah, retired life!

smartz said...

One folk's normal is another's crazy? "Program, program, you can't tell the crazies without a program." :>)